Moving into life - Moving out of Trauma

3 to 5 days

Trauma Healing, Dance Therapy and Meditation

Sometimes traumatic experiences cause difficulties in our lives, like an overactive mind, fear, stress, depressions, insomnia or digestive problems. Then we are not able to live our full creative potential.

In this course we will use body oriented resources like dance, breathing, creative skills, relaxation exercises, guided body oriented meditations, bodywork and also techniques from Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing to harmonize our nervous system and learn methods for self regulation that we can also use at home. Meditation will deepen our understanding.

We can connect with the wisdom of our body and soul and find joy and deep peace within ourselves. And we will be able to live our full potential.

Dance & Creativity - Dancing from Emptiness

3 to 5 days

Dance is a universal language. It teaches us sensitivity, consciousness and most of all dance teaches us to pay attention to the present moment. Dance is the manifestation of our being alive, it locates the soul and affords the body a spiritual dimension.

In this course we will use tools from creative and modern dance and experiment with different ways of expression.

These will encourage us to go beyond our known movement patterns and habits and enable us to explore the richness in our dance. We will also be using specific exercises to relax and strengthen the body. Coming into the body in this way, helps us tolearn to trust it even more. Both structured and free dance will bring balance to the two sides of the brain. Learning techniques and then letting them go in order to allow the dance and the creativity to flow is an intrinsic part of this course.

The Wisdom of the body - Body Celebration

3 to 5 days

Movement and Bodywork for Women

In this workshop we will take time for our body and our spirit. Our body needs attention and care to stay well and healthy. We will use soft bodywork, expressional work, dance therapy, breath, yogastretch and also methods from Somatic Experiencing Trauma work. A beautiful time we can give to ourselves.

Natural Breath - Natural Dance

3 to 5 days

Breath is the bridge between our spirit and soul and our body.

We will connect with our natural breathing and connect with our authentic natural way of movement. Breathing exercises, bodywork, creative and expressive dance and emotional release will help us to celebrate our life energy in a very natural way.

Movement and Mindfulness

2 to 3 days

In this workshop we will use bodyawareness, our felt body sense, dynamic and also silent exercices to be more present in our lives. Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and exercices are also part of this workshop to harmonize our centers: body - heart - mind - spirit.


Chetan Karla Bosák

Chetan holds a degree in dance and dance pedagogy (Classical Ballet) from the University of  Music and Theatre in Munich, Germany.
She was a dancer with the Bavarian State Opera, Munich, Tanzprojekt München, Rod Rodgers, New York, German television and she worked as a freelance dancer for many years.
As a dancer she has worked with teachers like Maggy Black and Fred Benjamin in NYC. There she also studied modern dance techniques like Limon, Cunningham, Horton.
She is trained in Contact – Improvisation (she has worked with Nancy Stark-Smith and Bernd Ka).
She is also trained as a teacher in classical ballet in the Russian Waganova system with Ursula Borrmann and Prof. Martin Puttke.  She is a certified DANAMOS teacher for dance.
She is trained in Dance Movement Therapy and in psychotherapy (Government approved), she is a certified Somatic Experiencing Traumahealing practitioner. She also studied with Dr. Peter Levine.
She also includes the Laban/Bartenieff point of view into her work.
She is trained in body psychotherapy, breath and energy work with Turiya Hanover, Aneesha Dillon, Rafia Morgan, Vasumati Hancock.
For many years she was also studying Gurdjieff Movements.
In 1990 she founded her own school and studio close to Munich in the bavarian lake area.
Since 1993 she works also as a dance- and bodypsychotherapist in a psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic run by the German Government Pension Insurance were she runs groups and individual sessions.
She was a trainer for stress management and nonverbal communication for German DAX Company Siemens AG for 16 years.
She was a trainer for Munich based CITA (Centre for dance and expressional therapy).
She is currently on the faculty of campus naturalis, training centre for holistic healing in Germany.
She is on the faculty of Life Zen Meditation Centre in China.
She is on the faculty of the Osho-Multiversity in Pune, India
She has also worked in Spain, Greece and Italy, in India and in the USA.

Chetan includes her understanding of the body and the soul with her search for truth and with her love for dance.
Through her presence she invites participants to express and enjoy their life energy and also have a deep look inside their being.
This brings healing, understanding and silence. Her own life experience and her understanding connected to art, creativity, therapy and meditation brings depth, fun and lightness to her sessions, groups, classes and trainings.


Chetan Karla Bosák

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